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Argan Oil nourishes Nails thanks to vitamin E that contains. Argan Oil protects against breakage and peeling. Argan Oil keeps your cuticles and Nails protected and moisturized as Nail polishes and pedicures tend to dry out Nails over time. And just like your hair care, Moroccan Argan Oil will provide the extra moisture your Nails and cuticles need.

Nails are similar in composition to hair, because they are made of keratin, a substance that is highly sensitive to heat, chemicals, and hormonal changes, and can become damaged, and become dry and inflexible. The benefits of Argan Oil for hair are similar to its benefits for Nails, so beauty salons and personal care products have become interested in Argan Oil as an important ingredient for Nail care.


Argan oil gives strength to nails

Many women resort to using artificial Nails to overcome the problem of short, broken, and brittle Nails, and although they look great, their use leads to more harm than good, as they lead to damage to the natural Nail and the skin around it. Argan Oil helps to restore the health of the Nail and allow it to grow and recover from damage, whether you use artificial Nails or not, at least you use nail polish, and of course you will need to use acetone to remove it, which in turn hurts the nail and makes it damaged and painful and looks thin and brittle and does not retain moisture well, and it hurts surrounding skin.


Argan oil gives nails moisture

Both men and women can benefit from using it if they suffer from brittle, weak and dry Nails. The main reason for flaking or breaking the Nail is an imbalance of moisture in its formation. Nails that become excessively dry and do not retain much water tend to tear easily if you press on them very light pressure. The use of Argan Oil gives the Nails the moisture they need, and protects them from future damage, by supplying them with vitamins and natural nutrients.


Argan oil protects the cuticles around the nails

The most common Nail problem that men and women face is dry skin and rough skin texture. This can happen to the feet and hands, causing an unpleasant and painful sensation and an unpleasant and very embarrassing appearance, and it can detract from your general appearance and beauty. Dryness occurs in the skin surrounding the Nails due to hygiene products such as soap and acetone and some actions resulting from nervousness such as Nail biting, so Argan Oil will be very effective in this case, as it makes the finger skin soft.


Harmful effects of using argan oil on nails and hands

In general, Argan Oil is considered safe for consumption and topical use, although some side effects may occur :

Argan Oil use causes a kind of allergy in some people, known as contact dermatitis, which causes a rash, redness and itching in the area to which the oil has been applied, so you must make sure that you do not have any sensitivity to any compound in the oil, and it is preferable to test it first on a small spot skin before using it frequently.

The Argan Oil contains totopherols, a type derived from vitamin E, which slows down blood clotting and interacts with anticoagulants, so be very careful when using Argan Oil if you have scars or wounds on your fingers or hands.

When using an impure type of oil, this can lead to completely opposite results, and make the cuticles more dry and the Nails prone to breakage.


Recipes for nail care and the surrounding skin using Argan Oil

To get the best result from using Argan Oil, it is preferable that the hand be completely clean and not covered with anything before using the oil, and it is preferable before applying any Nail polish, and it must be used regularly, and here are some ways to take care of the Nails using Argan Oil :

The first method : To treat dehydration of nails

To treat dehydration and to treat dry and cracked skin around the Nail,
a few drops of Argan Oil can be placed on it and massaged for a few minutes.


The second method : to strengthen the nails

Mix equal amounts of Argan Oil with lemon juice, then soak your fingers in it until the mixture completely covers your Nails for 10 to 15 minutes. This mixture will help reduce Nail breakage and give them a healthy appearance.


The third method : to treat the fungus

If you are suffering from any fungal infection, try applying one or two drops of Argan Oil directly to the affected Nails, and this should be done at least two or three times a day for best results.





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