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Blue Nila ( Blue Indigo ) helps moisturize the hair and give it softness.
Blue Nila treats dandruff and itching associated with it.
Blue Nila stimulate hair growth.
Blue Nila treats hair loss.
Blue Nila treats premature graying, as it works on hair coloring, as it is a healthy and ideal alternative to traditional chemical dyes that can damage hair follicles.

Blue Nila is one of the ingredients that has been commonly used since ancient times among Moroccan women for skin and hair care. It is a herb that grows in the desert of Morocco. Blie Nila is also known as desert indigo or Moroccan indigo. A blue dye is extracted from it by soaking the flower of this plant for long periods until the blue color precipitates and dries out of water. After that, this powder is collected in the form of blue stones, which are sold in Moroccan shops and exported abroad.


Blue Nila (Blue indigo) has several wonderful medical uses, it also helps stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, and Blue Nila is considered the best and the healthy alternative to chemical hair dyes, but make sure to choose pure and organic blue indigo powder, as some types may contain harmful chemical additives. We offer you the most important benefits of Blue Nila for hair :


Gray hair treatment

Blue Nila (Indigo powder) is a great home remedy for premature graying, as its strong color helps restore the primary hair color and prevent it from turning to white. You can also use hair oil mixed with Blue Nila in your regular hair routine if you suffer from premature graying.


Stimulate hair growth

Blue Nila(Indigo powder) is very useful for hair growth and protection from hair loss, and one of the best ways to stimulate hair growth and intensify it is to use hair oil mixed with Blue Nila (Blue indigo), as it helps prevent scalp infections and combat hair loss.


Dandruff treatment

Magic Blue Nila (indigo) oil can help treat dandruff, as it helps promote scalp health and prevent dryness and itching associated with dandruff.


Avoiding dry hair

Hair oil contains a percentage of moisturizing elements, which helps soften and moisturize hair and prevent frizz and damage. Natural hair dye is one of the main uses of Blue Nila (indigo powder). It is a healthy and ideal alternative to harsh chemical dyes due to its strong color. It does not contain any chemicals or Heavy metals.


Blue Nila recepies for hair :


Blue Nila mask to smoothes hair

The components : 
• An amount of Blue Nila (indigo powder), according to hair length and density.
• an egg.
• olive oil.

Method : 
. Beat the eggs, then add the Blue Nila powder (blue indigo powder) and the olive oil.
• Mix all ingredients well to obtain a mixture of homogeneous texture.
• Apply to hair from roots to ends.
• Leave the Blue Nila (indigo) to soak the hair for an hour before rinsing it with lukewarm water and shampoo.


Blue Nila oil for the treatment of premature graying

The components : 
• A handful of Blue Nila (indigo powder)
• A cup of coconut oil.

Method : 
• Put coconut oil with Blue Nila leaves on a low heat.
• Leave to boil for 15 minutes, then remove from heat and leave to cool.
• Strain the blue indigo oil and store it in a sterile, dark colored bottle.
• It is distributed to the roots of the hair once or twice a week.


Dyeing hair with blue Nila and henna

For dark brown hair, mix henna with Blue Nila powder and apply the mixture directly to the hair. As for black hair, the hair must be treated with henna first, then add the mixture of Blue Nila and Henna

The components : 
• An amount of henna powder.
• An amount of Blue Nila powder.
• Lemon juice.
• Small spoon of salt.
• Two teaspoons of starch.
• some water.

Method : 
• Mix henna with lemon juice.

• Add water gradually to obtain a cohesive and dense dough.

• Cover the pot and leave it overnight.
• Henna paste is distributed over the hair after dividing it into small parts.

•After making sure that the henna has covered all the hair strands from the roots to the ends, the hair is covered with the mixture and left for a minimum of two hours.

• Wash hair with lukewarm water only.

• After that, the blue Nila powder is mixed with salt and starch.

• Add water gradually to obtain a homogeneous and thick mixture.

• The mixture of blue Nila is distributed on the hair, then covered with a nylon shower cap or the Cling Film and left overnight.

• In the morning, wash the hair well with water only.

• You should not use shampoo or conditioner on the hair for 3 consecutive days, and it may take two additional days to get a dark black color.

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